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Cru Land Company is a boutique Real Estate brokerage and advisory firm whose primary focus is investment-grade agricultural land. We provide landowners, investors, wine producers and agricultural processors a local presence and a platform for growth within the rapidly accelerating Agricultural Investment space.


Cru represents a diverse group of buyers including private and institutional investors, farmers, agricultural operators, and vertically integrated wine-producers. Once we understand a buyers’ unique objectives, whether that be a target Return on Investment, a new vineyard site for a premium estate bottling or a farm to call home, we identify the most fitting opportunities in the market and take a critical look at the valuation of each opportunity. 

Our approach to valuation for our clients is driven by:

  1. Marketplace data (Comparable Sales) and a farm or vineyard’s potential Return on Investment (Farming Economics). 

  2. Industry and Macro–Real Estate trends such as strong water districts, highly valued AVA’s, and farming efficiencies. While these items can be slightly less quantifiable, they can be equally as influential to the success of an investment over its lifetime. 

This analytical approach has been refined over the past decade and has allowed us to build relationships and represent many of the savviest, most well-capitalized buyers in the industry.

General Acquisition Services: 

  • Identification, evaluation and presentation of investment opportunities. 

  • Financial modeling.

  • Contracting and escrow management.

  • Due diligence support and vendor management.




For investors looking for a strategic acquisition or to rapidly scale within the agricultural investment space, we evaluate their specific requirements in conjunction with market trends to design an investment platform in alignment with their broader portfolio goals. We subsequently source the deals to execute the build-out of the platform while providing due diligence coordination and post-close asset management services.

Strategic Advisory & Portfolio Development

  • Market research and reporting.

  • Emphasis on undervalued asset and emerging markets as value-add opportunities.


Post-close Asset Management

  • Operational support and management. 

  • Vendor coordination and management.

  • Contracting and management of wine-grape sales.  

  • Grower/producer relations.




For landowners looking to sell their land, we lean on over a decade of successfully closed ag real estate transactions and nearly 20 years of valuation experience to optimize the disposition of their assets. 

There are two distinct approaches we take to the sale of land:

  1. A private marketing effort directed to our database of qualified investors within the ag community. 

  2. A public marketing campaign designed to maximize the property’s exposure. 

With either approach, our clients can be confident we understand their land and the underlying economics of their land. They can also be sure the land that they have cultivated throughout the years will be presented professionally, and creatively to a group of buyers who will understand and appreciate the land and underlying economics as well. 


In short, your farm or ranch will be presented to a subset of buyers who have an interest in agricultural land and stewardship, and as importantly the capacity to close.

General Disposition Services: 

  • Asset valuation and market analysis.

  • Direct/discreet marketing to the wine industry and ag investment community.

  • Full exposure/public marketing efforts.



For a private landowner selling their longtime homestead, or an investment group who may transact multiple farms, ranches, or vineyards per year, we take a systematic 3-phase approach designed to optimize the value and minimize the disruption for the seller. 

  1.    Assessment & Valuation

Our initial assessment begins with identifying the primary drivers of property’s value, including any challenges opportunities associated with the site. 


The valuation is subsequently developed by:

  • Evaluating general market conditions, analyzing recent industry trends and comparable transactions. 

  • Evaluating site specific conditions including current, or future farming economics. 

  • Accounting for any special constraints, timelines or terms to arrive at a suggested list price, and projected sale price.  

While it’s critical everyone’s expectations of value are aligned, it’s important to understand that price is far from the only term of significance when considering a sale.  

Upon completion of the Assessment & Valuation we provide a detailed summary and proposed action plan.  


  Sample Assessment and Valuation 

  2.    Marketing

The marketing strategy begins as a collaborative effort with the landowner to determine exactly what their goals and expectations are for the process and if there are any constraints to the (marketing) process. Once the go-to-market strategy is determined marketing materials are developed and the execution begins. 


Key Marketing Materials Include: 

  • The Information Memorandum (IM). This is the centerpiece of all our marketing. 

  • Outline of Outreach (OO): Buyer-list developed + site marketing specific opportunities are identified. 

  • Timeline of Marketing Activities (TMA): Includes pre-marketing (to top buyers and brokers) direct marketing + general advertising. 

  Sample Information Memorandum  

  Sample Outline of Outreach  


  Sample Timeline of Marketing Activities  

  3.    Contract & Close

The goal when we kick-off every project is to get to this phase! 

This can be the most exciting time in the process, but it can also present significant hurdles and without careful management a deal can fall short of the finish line. However, we’re here to provide that support all the way until the end!

  • Negotiation – When offers come in we negotiate on our client’s behalf and with their best interest always top-of-mind. 

  • Escrow - We monitor due diligence and manage requests for additional information.

  • Closing – It’s common for issues to crop up at the last minute, work with all the parties involved to resolve any issues and to guide the transaction to a successful close.

  View Successfully Closed Transactions  




  • Agricultural brokers & appraisers

  • Agricultural lenders

  • Real Estate attorneys

  • Engineers

  • Land-use planners & development consultants

  • Soil & environmental scientists

  • Geologists

  • Viticulturists

  • Wine-grape growers

  • Winemakers & winery principals

  • Farm Managers

  • Ag Economists

  • Food & Beverage M&A principals

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